Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jolie-Pitt Update!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt give public thanks to the hospital where their daughter, Shiloh, was born on Saturday.

Angelina and Brad told People: “We would like to deeply thank the staff of the Cottage Medi-Clinic Hospital for all their kindness and commitment in assuring the successful birth of our daughter.” Jolie's obstetrician from L.A., Jason Rothbart, was assisted by local staff of the Cottage Medi-Clinic Hospital in Namibia. Dr. Rothbart told People: " "Angelina underwent a scheduled cesarean due to breech presentation. The baby was a healthy 7 lbs. Brad was with Angelina in the operating room the entire time and cut the umbilical cord of his daughter. The surgery and birth went flawlessly. The staff, nurses and doctors I worked with at the Cottage Medi-Clinic Hospital were amazing, it was a team effort."

The Cottage Medi-Clinic in Namibia is a private hospital with only eight beds. The doctors at the hospital encourage the family to share in the birthing experience. They recommend rooming in, breastfeeding on demand, that both parents bathe the baby and siblings are welcome to visit.

Source: People

Kevin Dillon Becomes A Father!

The Entourage star, Kevin Dillon, and his wife, Jane Stuart, welcomed a baby girl on May 17th in Beverly Hills.

The baby girl, named Ava, weighed in at 6lbs., 6 oz. Dillon's rep stated: "Both mother and daughter are doing well." This is the first child for Kevin and Jane. The couple was married on April 22 in Las Vegas.

Congratulations Kevin and Jane!

Source: People

Mira Sorvino Has A Baby Boy!

Mira Sorvino and her husband, Chris Backus, welcomed a baby boy on Monday at 5:50 pm at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

The baby boy, who arrived one week early, weighed 7 lbs., 14 oz. and was 21 inches long. Sorvino, 38, and Backus, 24, named their son Johnny. This is the second child for the couple, who have a 1 1/2 year old daughter named Mattea Angel. Mira and Chris were married in June 2004.

Mira's rep, Ed Choi, told People: "Both mother and son are doing very well and are both very healthy. The entire family is thrilled at the addition of a baby brother for their daughter, Mattea." In January, after announcing that she was pregnant with Johnny, Sorvino said: "I'm so excited that Mattea is going to have a sibling. We're going to be a family of four."

Congratulations Mira and Chris!

Source: People

Monday, May 29, 2006

A Baby Girl For Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcomed a baby girl on Saturday, May 27th in the African country of Namibia.

The baby was born in The Cottage Hospital in Swakopmund. A source told People: "Angie and baby are fantastic. Brad was at her side during the birth." Angelina and Brad named their baby girl Shiloh Nourvel Jolie-Pitt. Shiloh, translated from the Bible, means "the peaceful one." The baby girl, according to Namibian law, will be allowed to obtain Namibian citizenship.

This is the first biological child for Jolie and Pitt who have two adopted children, a one year old daughter, Zahara, and a 4 year old son, Maddox.

Angelina's estranged father, Jon Voight, told New York's Daily News that he is "really excited for them both. He can't wait to hold the baby in his arms and be grandpa."

Congratulations Angelina and Brad!

Source: People

A Boy For Gwen Stefani!

Gwen Stefani and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, welcomed a baby boy on Friday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Stefani, 36, and Rossdale, 38, named their 7 1/2 lb. son Kingston James McGregor. Gwen's spokesman, Dave Tomberlin, stated: "Both mother and child are doing well." Us Weekly is reporting that the child was born by Caesarean section.

This is the first child for the super hip Gwen Stefani. Gavin Rossdale has a 16 year old daughter from a previous relationship. Gwen and Gavin were married in 2002.

Source: USA Today

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Zolten Penn Joins Moxie CrimeFighter!

The comedian, Penn Jillette, and his wife, Emily, named their newborn son Zolten Penn.

Zolten Penn was born on Monday afternoon in Las Vegas and weighed in at 8 lbs., 13 oz. This is the second child for Penn, 51, and Emily, 40, who have a daughter named Moxie CrimeFighter. Jillette, talking about the unique baby name, said: "Zolten is a common Hungarian name, it's my wife's maiden name and most importantly, it's the name of Dracula's dog."

Congratulations Penn and Emily!

Source: People

A Baby Named Bluebell Madonna!

Former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, named her baby girl Bluebell Madonna.

Geri, 33, was inspired by the Bluebell flower when she chose the unique baby name for her daughter, who was born on May 14th. Halliwell told Hello! magazine: "What really clinched it for me was my mother telling me that the bluebell is increasingly rare – so it's a precious flower, which seems just right for my daughter." The middle name, Madonna, is due to Geri's love for the singer of the same name. Halliwell went on to say: "As she came out of my tummy, Bluebell had both arms flung wide in the air as if announcing to the world, 'Hi! I'm here! She was screaming her head off, as though she was shouting, `Hello, Wembley!' No one else has that name, apart from the Virgin Madonna and the singer, whom I love."

Source: People

Monday, May 22, 2006

Jack Black To Be A Dad!

Jack Black,36, and his wife, Tanya Haden, are expecting a baby boy early next month.

Jack Black broke the news while doing publicity for his new comedy, "Nacho Libre", (which looks like it should be very funny!). Jack commented: "I think I will be good when it comes to playtime. I don't know how good I'll do with the discipline." He also joked: "Wherever the job goes, the baby is just going to come with me. It will work out. Besides, I don't really get involved until he's, like, 10."

Black and Haden, 34, were married in March.

Source: People

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gwen Stefani's Hip Maternity Style! has a photo spread of the stylish Gwen Stefani in her sexy maternity clothes.

Gwen has certainly held on to her sense of style while being pregnant. Even though she looks great, Stefani says: "I'm sick of maternity clothes, but people are really sweet. No matter how big I feel, they say, 'Well, you look cute."

Gwen Stefani's maternity clothes style has been unique, incorporating trends such as Eastern influences, bohemian styles, animal prints, bright colors and edgy street style. Gwen has had a lot of her trendy maternity clothes custom made and even made her own sexy maternity dress for the Grammy Awards.

Gwen Stefani is due any day now!

See the Gwen Stefani maternity photos here and vote if you love or hate the look!

A Baby Boy For Chef!

Isaac Hayes and his wife, Adjowa, welcomed a baby boy on Monday, April 10th.

Hayes, 63, and Adjowa named their 8 lb., 5oz. baby boy Nana Kwadjo Hayes. The name Nana means "King" and Kwadjo means "boy born on Monday" in the Ghanaian language. For his humanitarian work, Isaac Hayes was crowned honorary king of the Ada region of Ghana in 1992. Isaac and Adjowa were married in May 2005.

Isaac Hayes is well known as a soul singer (one big hit was the "Theme from Shaft") and as Chef on South Park. He recently quit South Park due to being offended by the show's depiction of his faith, Scientology.

Congratulations Isaac and Adjowa!

Source: People

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hip And Modern High Chair!

Super hip diaper bag designers, Fleurville, are expanding their product line to include this modern high chair.

Fleurville teamed up with industrial designer Yves Behar to design the "Calla" high chair. This cool high chair is designed as a break away from the traditional Scandinavian style wood furniture.

Fleurville is well known for their designer diaper bags that are all the rage with celebrities and hip moms everywhere.

This high chair reminds me of the unique Nest high chair, but I think I like this one even better!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hot Hollywood Moms!

Check out the People photo special "Hollywood's Gorgeous Moms" !

Just in time for Mother's Day, People has a collection of photos of Hollywood moms and their children. Some of the hot celebrity moms and featured are:

Angelina Jolie - A beautiful mom with a conscience! Jolie, 30, is mother to Maddox, 4, and Zahara,1. She is also about to give birth to her first biological child with Brad Pitt.

Britney Spears - Mother to Sean Preston, 8 months, and pregnant with baby number two.

Brooke Shields - Mom to daughter Rowan, almost 3, and recently gave birth to daughter number two, Grier. Speaking about having a second child, Brooke says: "I realize that they'll have each other after we're not here anymore. And to me, that really settles my mind."

Gwyneth Paltrow - Hip mom to daughter Apple, 2, and Moses, 1 month old. Paltrow is settling into motherhood just fine stating: "I've done everything career-wise that I wanted to do." Now she wants to focus on being "the mummy."

Michelle Williams - Mother to a 6 month old daughter named Matilda Rose. Williams says her priorities have changed and acting is on the backburner: "Every day I'm more and more besotted with her and it's harder and harder to detach myself from her. So I don't know. Maybe I'll just wave at all these opportunities as they go by."

Demi Moore - Mother to three daughters, Rumer, 17, Scout, 14 and Tallulah, 12. "One of my goals is to build a loving relationship so that my children as adults will want to share their lives with me," Moore told InStyle. "Everything I do is kind of with the idea that from the moment they're born, it's a process of letting go."

Liv Tyler - Mother to a 17 month old son named Milo. Liv told Harper's Bazaar: "Sometimes I hold Milo and I literally feel that my heart is going to blow up with this overwhelming feeling of love."

Heidi Klum - Supermodel mom to sons Henry, 5 months and Leni, 2. Asked about how life has changed since having her second child, Klum stated: "Two kids' car seats, more diapers and, as any new parents will tell you, less sleep."

Vanessa Williams - Mother to three daughters and one son.

Debra Messing - Mother to 2 year old son Roman. "Roman makes me laugh harder than anyone in the world," says Messing. "My husband and son are everything."

Kate Hudson - Super hip and cool mom to son Ryder, 2. Kate loves being a mom. "It's phenomenal. He's made me feel more youthful than I've ever felt. I feel more vivacious, more sexual, more alive because of him."

Julia Roberts - The mom with the mega-watt smile! Julia is mother to twins Finn and Hazel, 17 months old.

Happy Mothers Day!

Source: People

No Baby Blues For Brooke Shields!

Brooke Shields tells People that she is doing fine this time around.

After the birth of her first child, Rowan, Brooke suffered from very severe postpartum depression. She used the antidepressant Paxil to overcome her depression and even wrote a book about her struggles called "Down Came the Rain : My Journey Through Postpartum Depression."

Brooke Shield's gave birth to her second child, daughter Grier, on April 18th. Shields says this time around is "nothing like the first one." She was prepared to start taking antidepressants again, but she didn't need them. "I was like, 'You know what? I think I'm okay now," Brooke told her doctor.

Source: People

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Is Tori Spelling Pregnant?

Yet another celebrity pregnancy rumor!

The rumors are circulating that Tori Spelling and her new husband, Dean McDermott, are expecting a baby. A correspondent for eTalk Daily, Lainey, says that Tori and Dean were in Toronto last week to meet McDermott's family and tell them about the pregnancy.

Tori Spelling, 32, and Dean McDermott, 39, were married last Sunday in Fiji. Both Tori and Dean recently finalized their divorces from their previous spouses.

We will keep you posted!

Source: PRnewswire

Britney Spears Confirms Her Pregnancy!

Britney Spears appeared on "The Late Show" on Tuesday and told David Letterman that the rumors were true, she is pregnant with her second baby.

Britney told Letterman: "Don't worry Dave, it's not yours." This will be the second baby for Spears and her husband, Kevin Federline, who have an 8 month old son named Sean Preston. Kevin also has two other children, Kori and Kaleb, with his previous girlfriend, Shar Jackson.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Jon Favreau And Wife Expecting A Baby!

Jon Favreau's wife Joya Tillem is pregnant with their third child.

Jon and Joya have a 3 year old daughter named Madelaine and a 4 year old son named Max. Favreau and Tillem were married on November 24, 2000.

Jon Favreau is well known for 1996's hip and cool "Swingers," which he wrote and starred in. His wife is a doctor at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Source: People

Saved By The Bell Baby!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and his wife, Lisa, welcomed a baby girl on Sunday in L.A.

Gosselaar's rep, Ame Van Iden, stated: "Mother, daughter and family are all well." The baby girl was named Ava Lorenn. This is the second child for Mark-Paul and Lisa who have a 2 year old son named Michael Charles. The couple were married in 1996.

Mark-Paul is best known for his role as Zack Morris on "Saved by the Bell" and most recently for starring on ABC's "Commander in Chief."

Congratulations Mark-Paul and Lisa!

Source: People

Big Daddy Adam Sandler!

Adam Sandler and his wife, Jackie, welcomed a baby girl!

Sandler posted on his website: "Kid is healthy!! Wife is healthy!!" The baby was born at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Adam Sandler, 39, and Jackie, 31, were married on June 22, 2003. This is the first child for the couple.

Congratulations Adam and Jackie!

Source: People

Friday, May 05, 2006

Anna Nicole Smith Pregnant?

Rumor has it that Anna Nicole Smith is pregnant!

Anna' s lawyer, Howard K. Stern, addressed the issue by stating: "If Anna Nicole is pregnant, she obviously doesn't want anybody to know yet. If she's not pregnant, she's not denying the rumor because she thinks it's funny how much of a stir it's causing. She'll leave it up to you to guess which one it is."

If Smith, 38, is pregnant this will be her second child. Anna Nicole has a 20 year old son named Daniel from her first marriage.

We'll keep you posted!


Jack White Is A Father!

White Stripes frontman, Jack White, and his model wife, Karen Elson, have a new baby girl!

The baby was born on Tuesday in Tennessee. Jack and Karen gave their new daughter the cool baby name Scarlett. This is the first child for the funky couple.

White, 30, and Elson, 27, were married in June 2005 in Brazil.

Congratulations Jack and Karen!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another Celebrity Baby Is Born!

Brendan Fraser and his wife, Afton Smith, welcomed a baby on Tuesday in L.A.

No details were given, including the sex of the baby, but a source did tell US Weekly that mother and baby are resting comfortably. This is the third child for Brendan, 37, and Afton, 38. They have a 3 year old son named Griffin and a 1 1/2 year old named Holden. Brendan Fraser and his wife were married in 1998.

Congratulations Brendan & Afton!

Source: US Weekly

Baby Girls For Kobe Bryant And Shaquille O'Neal!

Both Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal welcomed baby daughters on Monday!

They may be on opposite coasts, but they just can't get away from each other. Shaquille O'Neal's wife, Shaunie, gave birth to a baby girl early Monday morning. Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa, gave birth to her own baby daughter six minutes later.

Shaq and Shaunie named their daughter Mearah Sanaa O'Neal. The baby was born at 1:57 am in South Florida. This is the sixth child for the O'Neals!

Kobe and Vanessa named their daughter Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant. She was born at 2:03 am in Orange County. Bryant released this statement: "The arrival of our new daughter Gianna early this morning is such an incredible blessing for me and my family. We are all full of beautiful emotions after such an incredible day."

Congratulations Shaq & Shaunie!
Congratulations Kobe & Vanessa!

Source: LA Times

Monday, May 01, 2006

Halle Berry Talks Adoption!

Despite all the Halle Berry pregnancy rumors in the past, Halle is not expecting but may be looking to adopt in the future.

Halle Berry told TV's Extra: "I will adopt if it doesn't happen for me naturally. I will definitely adopt. And I probably will adopt even if it does happen naturally."

Halle has been dating Gabriel Aubry, a 30 year old Canadian model, since November. After her string of tumultuous relationships, hopefully this one will last for her.

Source: People