Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sexy Maternity Lingerie!

Truly sexy maternity lingerie is one of the hardest things to find when you're pregnant. You can find comfortable things and even cute things, but sexy is hard to come by. Ke'Koqueta is changing all that! This brand new line of sexy and flirty maternity lingerie is luxurious and seductive. Their chemises come with matching panties or thongs to complete the bombshell look.

Ke'Koqueta maternity lingerie is designed to enhance and flatter the pregnant figure, making you feel like the fertile goddess that you are!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Belli Pregnancy Skin Care

Belli Cosmetics makes pregnancy and baby skin care products that are luxurious and safe for mom and baby.

The founders of Belli, Annette and Jason Rubin, really know their stuff. Jason is a board-certified family practitioner with broad experience in obstetrics, pediatrics and dermatology. His wife, Annette, has 17 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, beginning with executive positions at Estee Lauder Corporation overseeing the Clinique brand. Together they were able to come up with a line of skin care that is super effective without the use of harmful chemicals that could possible be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream during pregnancy or breastfeeding. These high standards make Belli Cosmetics the #1 brand recommended by Ob-Gyn physicians.

The Belli Elasticity Belly Oil has become a cult favorite among moms-to-be. Not only is it effective in preventing stretch marks, but the lavender scent is amazing. The Belli Stretch Mark Minimizing Cream is a powerful solution for decreasing the appearance of existing stretchmarks.