Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Spa-like Belly Casting Kit

Every pregnant women should make an imprint of her bulging belly to keep as a reminder of this amazing time. Belly casts make great nursery room artwork and keepsakes. I hung my own in my son's nursery with a simple white ribbon.

Belly Vita makes an interesting casting kit that I look forward to trying out next time I'm pregnant. It is touted as more of a spa experience than just another messy casting kit. The Belly Vita Belly Imprint is made with a single piece of sculpting fabric, instead of the strips most use. The best part is that the kit also includes an aromatherapy Balancing Belly Oil to be massaged on your belly as the first step in the casting process. The belly oil contains lavender, neroli, frankincense, palmarosa and rosewood. Besides smelling great, these essential oils are said to help prevent stretch marks and are safe for pregnancy. Plus, you can use the extra oil for a foot massage (something a very pregnant woman would certainly appreciate).

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