Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ben Affleck Wants More Children!

Ben Affleck opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about his desire to have a large family.

Affleck and his wife, Jennifer Garner, have a 1 year old daughter named Violet Anne Affleck. Ellen DeGeneres asked Ben, 34, "Will you have more? Should I ask that question?" Affleck responded, "You know … sure, I would love to." DeGeneres wondered aloud, "Many? A lot?" He then added, "Okay, let's back it up there. I think I should probably talk to my wife before I talk to you."

Source: People

Mia Hamm Expecting Twins!

Soccer superstar, Mia Hamm, is pregnant with twins.

Mia recently turned down an invitation to be inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame due to her pregnancy. She said she would accept the honor in 2008. Hamm's doctor has advised her not to travel after January due to her early spring due date.

Mia and her husband, Los Angeles Dodger first baseman Nomar Garciaparra, have been married for three years. The couple met at a charity event in 1998 and were married in Santa Barbara in 2003.

Source: People

Actress Paz Vega is Pregnant!

The lovely Spanish actress, Paz Vega, is expecting her first child.

At the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie, 10 Items or Less, Vega told People, "I'm four months. Yep, you can see. We are very excited. It's our first and it's a boy. I haven't had time yet to decorate the nursery, because I've been working. But after Christmas I'm going to prepare everything." She added, "I haven't decided yet where I'm having him. I guess after I'm done working here – I don't know exactly but I'm hoping in Spain. I'm planning on working after the baby is born. I'm going to rest for three months or so, but I have to be ready so I can start working again."

This will be the first child for Paz, 30, and her husband, restaurant owner Orson Salazar. Besides 10 Items or Less, Vega is also working on the thriller Fade to Black with Christopher Walken.

Source: People

A Baby Boy for Matt Lauer!

Matt Lauer and his wife, Annette, welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday.

In honor of Annette's Dutch heritage, the couple named their new son Thijs (which is pronounced tice). Thijs weighed 7 lbs. and 4 oz.

This is the third child for Matt, 48, and Annette, who have a 3 year old daughter named Romy and a 5 year old son named Jack.

Congratulations Matt and Annette!

Source: USA Today

Monday, November 27, 2006

A Baby Boy for Heidi Klum and Seal!

Supermodel Heidi Klum and her husband, Seal, welcomed a baby boy on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel was born at 5:01 pm and weighed in at 8 lbs. and 11 oz. Seal, 43, announced on Klum's website, "He is healthy, beautiful and looks just like his mother. To our children, a brother/ To our parents, a grandson/ To my wife and I, a son/ To our family, a blessing."

This is the second child for Seal and the third child for Heidi, 33, who has a 1 year old son with Seal named Henry Guenther Ademola Dashtu Samuel and a 2 year old daughter named Leni from a previous relationship.

In August Heidi Klum told Life Magazine, "We want to have a lot of children. (Seal) always says that he finds me the most beautiful when I'm pregnant." I think anyone would find her beautiful no matter what.

Congratulations Heidi and Seal!

Source: People

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Name is Baby!

My Name is Earl actor Ethan Suplee and his wife, Brandy Lewis, are expecting another baby in April.

This will be the fourth daughter for Suplee, 30, and Lewis, 30. Ethan revealed the news at the 14th Annual Diversity Awards in Los Angeles. Suplee's costar on My Name is Earl, Jaime Pressly, is also expecting a baby. Ethan stated, "My wife and Jaime are pretty close (in due dates). But Jamie is having a boy and I am so jealous of that and I want nothing to do with it!"

Suplee and Lewis have a one year old daughter together named Francis Clementine Suplee. Brandy also has two daughters named Bella and Lily from a previous marriage. Ethan, talking about having another girl, stated, "that makes four girls, which really means five girls versus me in the house. It was just me trying and trying for a boy to balance out the voting system. I don't think it's going to happen."

Suplee has starred in the films Mallrats, Dogma and Chasing Amy. He currently plays Earl's dumb but lovable brother on the hit TV show My Name is Earl. Brandy Lewis happens to be the sister of actress Juliette Lewis. The couple were married last year.

Source: People

Monday, November 20, 2006

Win A Rockstar Onesie!

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jaime Pressly is Pregnant!

Actress Jaime Pressly and her fiance, Eric Cubiche, are expecting a baby boy.

Jaime announced the news during a taping of The Tonight Show on Wednesday. Pressly, who is four months along, talked about finding out the baby's sex during an ultrasound, "She asked me what I thought I was having and I said a boy. She looked at the picture and said, 'If that's not a boy that's a third leg.' Of course, Eric says its because he's Cuban."

Jaime already has the name Dezi James picked out for her baby boy. She stated that her and Cubiche have a running joke where he calls out "Luuucy" when he comes home at night, just like Desi Arnaz on the I Love Lucy show. The name James is after her dad.

This will be the first child for Jaime and Eric. The couple have been dating for a year and a half and were engaged last month.

Pressly is currently starring on the hit TV show "My Name Is Earl," (really funny stuff), and Cubiche is a deejay.

Source: People

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cool Music for Cool Moms!

Keeping up with new music can be time consuming and time is not something new moms have alot of. If you are feeling like you are little less hip to the music scene than you once were, check out the blog Bands Under the Radar.

The blog is run by Kami of The Viper Room. She podcasts indie bands that are unsigned and signed. She has great taste and really knows her stuff. Her latest podcast introduced me to two new favorites, Bernard Fanning and Rocco DeLuca and the Burden. I feel like a hip mom again.

Thanks Kami!

Donald Trump To Be A Grandpa!

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife , Vanessa, are expecting a baby early next summer.

This will be the first child for Donald Jr. and Vanessa, 28, and also the first grandchild for Donald Trump. Vanessa told People, "Everyone's very excited." Although "if you mention the 'grandpa' word (to Donald Sr.), he might not be so excited."

The family is getting complicated, the new baby's uncle, Barron, is only eight months old. Vanessa stated, "They'll be more like brothers, or brother and sister." Trump Jr. and Vanessa want the baby's sex to be a surprise.

Donald Jr. thinks his wife is a natural with children, "Vanessa will, no question, be an amazing mother. She is one of those few people who are able to take crying children out of their mother's arms and actually get them to calm down. I think I'll have a lot of learning to do, but I learn fast." He also adds that his wife wants a large family, "She (wants) five," Don Jr. says. "I'll wait till she cranks out one and then I want to renegotiate that back a bit."

Source: People

Monday, November 13, 2006

Actress Julie Bowen is Pregnant!

Actress Julie Bowen is pregnant with her first child.

Julie, 37, is four months along. Bowen, who is giving in to pregnancy cravings, told People, "(I'm) eating in the middle of the night. I'm like a bear. I wake up in the middle of the night, eat food and go back to sleep again. It's not fun, but it's a wild ride. I'm looking forward to it being over." She also stated that she doesn't want to know the baby's sex, "We could know, but I don't want to know. No names yet, nothing."

Julie enlisted Laura Bennett, a Project Runway finalist, to make her a maternity dress: "I called her up and asked her to make me a dress. I love her style, she dressed herself very well pregnant. So I asked her to send me a dress. She did, but it didn't get here in time." (Finding maternity clothes is) "definitely is not my favorite thing in the world, because you're stretching around a whole new body. What's up with that? It's like I'm 14 and have to figure out how to dress."

Bowen and her husband, Scott Phillips, were married in September 2004. Julie has appeared on Lost, Boston Legal, Party of Five and ER.

Source: People

Spider Man Is A Dad!

Tobey Maguire and his fiancee, Jennifer Meyer, welcomed a baby girl on November 10th in L.A.

This is the first child for Tobey, 31, and Jennifer. Meyer, a jewelry designer, recently told USA Today, "Let's just say this is truly the best time of my life. I'm walking on air. I'm getting married, starting a family and have an amazing company."

Maguire and Meyer have been dating since early 2003, but have not yet set a wedding date.

Congratulations Tobey and Jennifer!

Source: People

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kellie Martin Has A Baby Girl!

Kellie Martin and her husband, Keith Christian, welcomed a baby girl on Saturday at 12:21 pm.

Margaret Heather Christian weighed 8 lbs. and was 21 inches long. Martin's rep stated, "Kellie and Maggie are both doing very well." This is the first child for Kellie, 31, and Keith.

Martin is an actress who is best known for her roles on ER and the series Life Goes On.

Congratulations Kellie and Keith!

Source: People

Friday, November 03, 2006

Julio Iglesias Girlfriend is Pregnant!

Julio Iglesias and his longtime girlfriend, Miranda Rijnsburger, are expecting another baby together.

This will be the fifth child for Julio, 63, and Miranda, 41. The couple have 5 year old twin daughters named Victoria and Cristina, a nine year old son named Alejandro and a seven year old son named Rodrigo. Iglesias also has three adult children from his previous marriage to Isabel Preysler.

Julio Iglesias is a legendary Latin singer and Rijnsburger is an ex-model.

Congratulations Julio and Miranda!

Source: People

Soul Food Stars Welcome New Baby!

Nicole Parker and her husband, Boris Kodjoe, welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday in Atlanta, GA.

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe was born at 11:13 am. This is the second child for Nicole, 36, and Boris, 33, who have a 1 year old daughter named Sophie.

Parker and Kodjoe met on the television show "Soul Food." They also starred together in the UPN series "Second Time Around." The couple were married in May 2005 in Boris' hometown of Gundelfingen in Germany's Black Forest. Kodjoe told People at the time, "Our kids are going to be bilingual. So that's going to be a whole other tradition that I'm going to try to uphold."

Congratulations Nicole and Kodjoe!

Source: People