Monday, November 19, 2007

Stowers Swaddling Blankets

Any new parent can tell you that swaddling an infant will help to calm a baby and get them to sleep longer. What new parent doesn't want that?

Stowers Swaddling Blankets help to make swaddling a little easier for tired parents. The super soft lightweight cotton flannel blankets have a pocket at the feet and velcro at the top. This makes the tricky technique of swaddling your baby easy! The Stowers Swaddler was created by a labor/delivery, post-partum, newborn nursery nurse with extensive knowledge of the fine art of swaddling. She created the swaddler to make it simple for anyone to learn.

Swaddling reminds infants of the womb, which helps to calm and comfort even fussy babies. Swaddling also helps to increase the duration of sleep, by minimizing the "startle" reflex that can cause a baby to jerk his arms and wake himself up.

Check out all the styles available at and get some rest!

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