Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get your body back after baby!

Everyone wants their body back fast after having a baby, but there seems to be no time in the day to work out. The innovative 60 Second Circuits fitness flipbook is perfect for time-pressed women that want to burn fat and stay motivated without going to the gym!

60 Second Circuits works by encouraging you to do as much of each exercise in 60 seconds …with no reps to count! Combining the exercises gives you a workout ranging from 10-40 minutes with guided intensity levels appropriate for every fitness level.

The high-quality flip-book is designed to go anywhere. Take it to the gym, the park or use it while you watch your favorite TV show! No equipment is necessary for this fast and effective total-body workout. This book travels like a personal trainer in your pocket – ready with a new workout every time. Innovative circuit training sequences incorporate strength, core and cardio for complete, time-efficient workouts.

This workout was created by Susie Shina, Fitness Lifestylist, after struggling to lose weight after her own pregnancy. Susie states, "Time is a precious commodity. I prefer getting a total-body workout 3 times a week in 10-20 minutes and have more time to enjoy the things I really love!"

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