Sunday, January 04, 2015

Christine by Van Thomas Hair Care Review!

I recently had the privilege to review the Christine by Van Thomas "Complete Package" set.  The "Complete Package" set includes Christine Shampoo, Reconstructive Conditioner, Protective Glaze and Body Wash.

During pregnancy (or any other time in a mom's life), taking a few moments for yourself can be extremely rejuvenating.  These hair and body products are luxurious and will make your shower feel like a spa.  My favorite thing about this line is that it is sulfate and paraben free (which is really important for expecting moms.)  Also, the light citrusy floral scent is pretty without being overpowering to a pregnant woman's sensitive sense of smell. 

The Christine shampoo provided excellent lather.  The manufacturer states that is was created with "micro-lather technology to provide a rich luxurious lather made up of extremely tiny bubbles" to provide a thorough cleaning of the hair and scalp. I found this to be true and my hair felt very clean without feeling stripped.

My favorite product was the Reconstructive Conditioner.  It left my hair soft and shiny, which isn't easy considering my hair is much coarser and frizzier since my two pregnancies!  The manufacturer states that the reconstructive conditioner helps prevent split ends and breakage by passing through the protective cuticle tiles and delivering essential proteins and nutrients deep inside the hair (where other products can't reach.)   It definitely made my hair look much healthier.

The Protective Hair Glaze was also an awesome product.  I usually flat iron my normally wavy/frizzy hair and this glaze helped to protect it from heat damage.  My hair looked much shinier and I was able to go 3 whole days between shampooing!  I found the glaze to really help lock-in my hair style.  Yeah!  With two young boys, anything that saves me a few minutes is great!

I also really enjoyed the Christine Body Wash.  The light pleasing scent and the luxurious lather made showering a more relaxing experience.  The manufacturer also states that the body wash is gentle enough to use as a face cleanser.  I didn't use it on my face, but I think that it probably would work well.

All in all I was very pleased with the results these products provided.  They cost more than the usual products I buy, but if you can afford it, they really do work well!

For our readers, they are generously offering a 30% discount.  Use code "haircare15" at checkout,

The "Complete Package" retails for $70.  The "Shampoo and Conditioner Duo" retails for $45.  The "Body Wash" and "Hair Glaze" are $15 each.  All of these products can be found on their website: Christine by Van Thomas Concepts.  Also, check out their About Van Thomas page, which gives some background into the man who created this line.  The FAQs page, includes interesting question and answers with Van Thomas.

Note:  Press sample.  All of the reviews and opinions are my own.

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Ultimate Mim said...

A friend of mine lent me this shampoo to try when we went away over the New Year period. Being pregnant, I can be a bit pedantic about what sort of chemical products I use. Really love that it is sulphate and paragon free with a beautiful floral scent. Considering buying and trying long term.