Thursday, September 22, 2005

Babies and Kids affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Families were separated as they were taken to different shelters,
sometimes in different states.

Some encouraging news is that about 883 lost kids have found their parents. Workers and volunteers have worked non-stop to help find these kids separated from their parents.

Unfortunately, the search for many more missing kids continues. 2,393 kids are still reported as missing or looking for their parents in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Reuniting these families could become more difficult as evacuees move from shelters to temporary homes in different cities or states. Things are really hard when the kids are too young to know information about themselves. Also, some of the parents, who had to flee quickly, don't have pictures of their missing kids.

And of course, hindering efforts further, are criminals and pedophiles. USA TODAY tried to track down a man who said his deaf triplet babies and their deaf mother were missing in New Orleans. A reporter found he had previously been arrested for filing a false report and there was no record of his alleged family. It blows my mind that some people are this evil.

The wait to be reunited with your family is agonizing. My heart goes out to all of those affected by this tragedy.


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