Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Painting Your Pregnant Belly For Halloween!

A pregnant belly makes the perfect canvas for a unique Halloween costume!

There aren't a lot of cool and hip ready made maternity costumes out there. But luckily, your belly is just screaming to be adorned! If you find yourself very pregnant and in need of a quick Halloween costume, simply buy some face paints and get creative.
Some basic ideas to paint on your belly are a pumpkin, a basketball, a bowling ball, a beach ball, the sun, a fishbowl, a full moon, etc. Or you can get creative and paint a character's face, such as Jack Skellington's from "A Nightmare Before Christmas", or a world globe, or even a crystal ball with a baby floating inside. The options are infinite. Wear a button down shirt opened at the belly or a sports bra to best show off your artwork.

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