Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Real Name of Britney Spears' Son Revealed!

Britney Spears' six week old son, formerly referred to as Sutton Pierce, is actually named Jayden James Federline.

The baby's true identity was revealed on a birth certificate filed at the Los Angeles County Registar office on Tuesday. The birth certificate, signed by father Kevin Federline, revealed that Jayden James was born at 1:11 am on September 12th at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

Until now, it was reported that Britney and Kevin's baby was named Sutton Pierce. Spears had refused to confirm his real name until "his picture appears in People magazine."

Source: Life Style Extra

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Mrs. Flinger said...

You're kidding! Until his pictures came up in People Mag?

Um. Is it just me or is that pathetic? I mean, yaknow, I don't put my daughter's name out everywhere but I wouldn't change my mind even if she was in PEOPLE. :-)