Monday, November 21, 2011

Stylish Hospital Maternity Delivery Gowns!

Stella Maternity now carries the DearJohnnies line of super chic and stylish hospital maternity delivery gowns and maternity robes!  The founder of DearJohnnies had the idea when she was pregnant with her first child.  She knew there would be many photos taken during the hospital stay and dreaded wearing the ugly faded, ill fitting hospital gowns.  She also realized that it is about more than just has been proven that when you think you look better, you also feel better and heal faster.  The delivery gowns feature snaps at each shoulder for easy nursing and medical access.  The comfy robes can be worn long after delivery for added value.   Celebrities fans of these delivery gowns include Trista Sutter, Tori Spelling, Samantha Harris, Jennifer Garner, Kelly Preston, Bethenny Frankel, Angela Bassett, Poppy Montgomery and more!


Maria Dsouza said...

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miley swan said...

Very first when I heard of fashion labor and delivery gown, then I thought back to those first pictures and my lovely traditional tatty gown that kept slipping off my shoulders.
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