Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Magazine for the Hip and Modern Mom!

"Cookie" is a new magazine from Fairchild Publications, a division of Conde Nast, targeted to modern and stylish moms.

Cookie will be on newsstands November 15th. It is a lifestyle magazine about parenthood, focusing on hip baby fashions, modern baby furnishings, cool new toys, trendy new children's books, family travel and tips for the stylish mom. It is sort of like Vogue for the parenting set! It is being marketed to affluent parents who don't want to change their lifestyle when the baby comes along.

It seems like it may be a little pretentious for my taste, but I am interested to check it out anyway. While most of us are not able to live this "luxury" lifestyle, it might be a good source of inspiration.

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Mama C-ta said...

Sucks that all the hip stuff isn't for us single income/middle class folk!