Friday, December 30, 2005

Softball Star, Jennie Finch, Is Pregnant!

Jennie Finch, Olympic softball gold medalist, and her husband, Casey Daigle, are expecting their first child together in April 2006.

The sporty couple have been married since January 2005. Daigle is an Arizona Diamondbacks minor-league pitcher. Jennie, 25, and Casey, 24, have already announced that the baby will be a boy. Finch commented at a recent press conference that "Casey is thrilled, and from Day 1 (of the marriage) he couldn't wait to be a father."

Will the new baby inherit the sports gene? Casey Daigle told the Chicago Sun-Times "First, we want him to be healthy, and if he's athletic, that's great,'' says Daigle, who stands 6'6" (Finch is 6'). "But we always kid around that if he's a 7'-chess player, that's fine.''

Source: People

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