Friday, January 13, 2006

Kari Wuhrer Fired For Being Pregnant!

Actress Kari Wuhrer is suing ABC due to her claims that she was fired from the soap opera "General Hospital" for being pregnant.

Kari, 38, is seeking at least $3 million in lost earnings, emotional distress and damage to her career. Kari Wuhrer is claiming she told the producers of "General Hospital" that she was pregnant in August, giving them time to write her pregnancy into the show. She was fired two weeks after telling them she was expecting. The lawsuit stated: "The vile underbelly of the Hollywood Machine encourages female actors to be as beautiful and slim as possible. An actress who "dares" to become pregnant has one choice: Terminate her pregnancy or be terminated."

You would think the soap opera would want to write her pregnancy into the script, since pregnancy is so "hip" in Hollywood right now. Pregnancy is now seen as being very glamorous, sexy and beautiful. It's a shame that "General Hospital" hasn't caught on to that.

Source: Comcast News

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