Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Today my son turns three years old!

It is hard to believe how quickly they go from a baby to a kid! Now we just need to get him out of diapers! Any suggestions?

Happy Birthday!


Mrs. Flinger said...

oohhhh! Happy BIrthday!! Three?! Mymy. And diapers.. toilet training? Ya. Wrong person to ask. My daughter can now say "change? Poopoo?"

That's about it. :-)

Happy birthday, though!

Mama C-ta said...

Happy birthday little man! I love, love his blonde little curls and that look. He's a lady killer :)

Can't help w/the potty training though. I heard cloth trainers could work as an incentive but I don't know from experience. I personally don't think Julian would care. And I think you have enough going on aside from having to worry about washing diapers!

Thanks so much for the plug too!

OneCraftySAHM said...

He's a cutie! I'm in the Crazy/Hip Blog-Mamas ring too! Umm, good luck with the diapers and let me know if you figure anything out, my son turned two in May and goes through spurts where he'll go on the potty and then won't for weeks, LOL! Great site, I'll be stopping by often for updates!