Friday, February 03, 2006

Celebrity Mom Angelina Jolie on Nightline!

Angelina Jolie talks about her advocacy work and expanding her own family in a Nightline interview.

Jolie has her hands full with son Maddox, 4, daughter Zahara, 1, and being pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby, but that doesn't stop her from her humanitarian work. Angelina is passionate about human rights and uses her star power to bring these issues to light. In the interview Jolie told Cynthia McFadden: "I think everybody needs a sense of purpose. I'd been working on films and doing things to try to work on my own career, my own life, so there was an emptiness in me." She also told McFadden that the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a document she holds dear and that: "Human rights are the law. It's the law, and we haven't been treating it that way. Education, that's article 26 - children's education. Everyone has the right to an education, a free education."

Angelina Jolie revealed in the interview that she would like to have "lots of babies." She stated: "I'd love to adopt just a bunch more kids, have a few, and, just be traveling, be home, or, you know, not working the next few months. I haven't worked much this year, and it's been really nice."

Check out the full interview at ABC News/Nightline.

Source: ABC News

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