Thursday, February 16, 2006

Weird Pregnancy News!

A Utah mother and daughter give birth on the same day!

The mother, Sherri Callister, 42, and her daughter, Chelsee Bushman, 22, had their babies 90 minutes apart at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. The mother and daughter were using the same nurses and were both in the same room at the hospital.

The daughter, Chelsee, thought it was strange enough to find out her mom was pregnant. Little did she know they would deliver on the same day. Sherri and Chelsee were both having pregnancy complications and had to deliver the babies by Caesarean section. Bushman was due on April 17th and Callister was due on March 30.

Chelsee Bushman went first, delivering a 3 lb daughter named Bentley May. Sherri Callister delivered her 5 lb 8 oz son, Dakota Dean, 90 minutes later. Callister had hoped to be more help to her daughter when she gave birth, but fate had a different plan.

Source: Comcast News

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