Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Baby Boy For Chef!

Isaac Hayes and his wife, Adjowa, welcomed a baby boy on Monday, April 10th.

Hayes, 63, and Adjowa named their 8 lb., 5oz. baby boy Nana Kwadjo Hayes. The name Nana means "King" and Kwadjo means "boy born on Monday" in the Ghanaian language. For his humanitarian work, Isaac Hayes was crowned honorary king of the Ada region of Ghana in 1992. Isaac and Adjowa were married in May 2005.

Isaac Hayes is well known as a soul singer (one big hit was the "Theme from Shaft") and as Chef on South Park. He recently quit South Park due to being offended by the show's depiction of his faith, Scientology.

Congratulations Isaac and Adjowa!

Source: People

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