Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gwen Stefani's Hip Maternity Style! has a photo spread of the stylish Gwen Stefani in her sexy maternity clothes.

Gwen has certainly held on to her sense of style while being pregnant. Even though she looks great, Stefani says: "I'm sick of maternity clothes, but people are really sweet. No matter how big I feel, they say, 'Well, you look cute."

Gwen Stefani's maternity clothes style has been unique, incorporating trends such as Eastern influences, bohemian styles, animal prints, bright colors and edgy street style. Gwen has had a lot of her trendy maternity clothes custom made and even made her own sexy maternity dress for the Grammy Awards.

Gwen Stefani is due any day now!

See the Gwen Stefani maternity photos here and vote if you love or hate the look!

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