Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hot Hollywood Moms!

Check out the People photo special "Hollywood's Gorgeous Moms" !

Just in time for Mother's Day, People has a collection of photos of Hollywood moms and their children. Some of the hot celebrity moms and featured are:

Angelina Jolie - A beautiful mom with a conscience! Jolie, 30, is mother to Maddox, 4, and Zahara,1. She is also about to give birth to her first biological child with Brad Pitt.

Britney Spears - Mother to Sean Preston, 8 months, and pregnant with baby number two.

Brooke Shields - Mom to daughter Rowan, almost 3, and recently gave birth to daughter number two, Grier. Speaking about having a second child, Brooke says: "I realize that they'll have each other after we're not here anymore. And to me, that really settles my mind."

Gwyneth Paltrow - Hip mom to daughter Apple, 2, and Moses, 1 month old. Paltrow is settling into motherhood just fine stating: "I've done everything career-wise that I wanted to do." Now she wants to focus on being "the mummy."

Michelle Williams - Mother to a 6 month old daughter named Matilda Rose. Williams says her priorities have changed and acting is on the backburner: "Every day I'm more and more besotted with her and it's harder and harder to detach myself from her. So I don't know. Maybe I'll just wave at all these opportunities as they go by."

Demi Moore - Mother to three daughters, Rumer, 17, Scout, 14 and Tallulah, 12. "One of my goals is to build a loving relationship so that my children as adults will want to share their lives with me," Moore told InStyle. "Everything I do is kind of with the idea that from the moment they're born, it's a process of letting go."

Liv Tyler - Mother to a 17 month old son named Milo. Liv told Harper's Bazaar: "Sometimes I hold Milo and I literally feel that my heart is going to blow up with this overwhelming feeling of love."

Heidi Klum - Supermodel mom to sons Henry, 5 months and Leni, 2. Asked about how life has changed since having her second child, Klum stated: "Two kids' car seats, more diapers and, as any new parents will tell you, less sleep."

Vanessa Williams - Mother to three daughters and one son.

Debra Messing - Mother to 2 year old son Roman. "Roman makes me laugh harder than anyone in the world," says Messing. "My husband and son are everything."

Kate Hudson - Super hip and cool mom to son Ryder, 2. Kate loves being a mom. "It's phenomenal. He's made me feel more youthful than I've ever felt. I feel more vivacious, more sexual, more alive because of him."

Julia Roberts - The mom with the mega-watt smile! Julia is mother to twins Finn and Hazel, 17 months old.

Happy Mothers Day!

Source: People

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