Monday, June 19, 2006

Angelina Jolie Updates!

Angelina Jolie speaks of adoption and the birth of her baby girl Shiloh in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, set to air Tuesday on Anderson Cooper 360.

Angelina states that she and Brad Pitt are planning to adopt another child. She tells Cooper, "Next, we'll adopt. We don't know which _ which country. But we're looking at different countries. And we're _ I'm just _ it's gonna be the balance of what would be best for Mad and for Z right now. It's, you know, another boy, another girl, which country, which race would fit best with the kids."

Jolie, 31, also says she was frightened during the birth of her daughter, Shiloh Nouvel. "You know, because you're there for the birth, which I wasn't for my first two kids, you're just suddenly terrified that they're not gonna take a first breath. That was my whole focus. I just wanted to hear her cry." Angelina goes on to give praise to the medical team in Namibia who helped her deliver baby Shiloh. Jolie says Brad Pitt, 42, was by her side, "He was in the operating room. And we had amazing doctors. And everybody was so lovely."

Source: and People

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