Friday, June 09, 2006

Identical Quadruplets!

Shruthi Vivekanandan, a 26 year old Indian woman, gave birth to identical quadruplets.

The quadruplets are thriving despite being born 10 weeks early. The babies were born on April 25th and were naturally conceived. Shruthi named her four daughters, Aditi, Aakriti, Akshathi and Apathi. The baby girls weighed between 29 oz. and 34.5 oz. The girls are said to be healthy and gaining weight.

It is extremely rare to give birth to identical quadruplets. Shruthi's case was even rarer, all four of the umbilical chords shared the same placenta. Vivekanandan's doctor stated: "In this medical condition, the mother carries the risk of fetal loss of all four babies at the same time." Luckily all four baby girls are healthy and growing steadily!

Congratulations Shruthi!


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