Thursday, September 28, 2006

Funny Maternity T Shirts!

Funny maternity t shirts are a great way to show off the fact that you are able to maintain your sense of humor about your growing body.

MollyAnna makes some of the funniest maternity shirts around with sayings such as: "Body by Baby," "I Can Grow People," "Birth Control is for Sissies," "Epidural? Yes, Please" and "I Doubt this is the Threesome Husbands Have in Mind. " These funny maternity shirts also make great gifts for hip moms-to-be.

Continue the sense of humor with funny baby t shirts and funny baby onesies for your little hipster. Try Wry Baby's "I Might Barf," "Someday, I'll Egg a House," or Renegade Babe's "Spitfaced."

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