Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pregnant Desperate Housewife!

Marcia Cross, who plays Bree on Desperate Housewives, is pregnant with her first child.

Marcia, 44, is due in April. Cross and her husband, Tom Mahoney, 48, wasted no time in starting their family. The couple was married on June 24th.

Marcia told USA Today in 2005, "I definitely want to be a mom — whether I have to have my own or not, we'll see." She also talked about the risks of having a baby later in life. "I don't like the average woman being misled into thinking that fertility is something that goes on forever," said Cross. "When a woman gets older, they get donor eggs, which doesn't make the baby any less beautiful or perfect. One's own eggs only last so long, and sometimes at 43 or 44 you can have your own baby, but statistically it's very difficult and expensive. You don't want to wait that long."

The producers of Desperate Housewives are still undecided about whether to incorporate her pregnancy into the show.

Source: USA Today

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