Friday, September 22, 2006

Infant Car Seat Covers!

Looking for a way to dress up a boring infant car seat? Car seat covers not only let you express your style, they are practical too.

Infant car seat covers can hide a dirty car seat, extend the life of a new one and make cleaning up accidents a breeze. When my son was an infant, he had a couple of accidents while on road trips. The only thing I could do was put down a towel on the soiled car seat. With a car seat cover, you can simply take off the soiled one and use the original underneath until you can get home and throw it in the washing machine. What a great idea!

They come in many hip and cool prints, like the funky mod mocha floral infant car seat cover pictured.

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Mama C-ta said...

Hey, that matches my diaper bag :) These are also good b/c the cover that came on our Britax, velour or something, makes Julian sweat his butt off. These breath so much better!